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i should have posted this a few hours earlier but i really didn't get to polish it that much and then my (future) brother in-law called for an impromptu drinking session at hour boarding house (with my sister, her girlfriend, joining us about 3 hours later then leaving an hour and a half before it finished) so i know i'm now really delayed.

the drinking session just finished actually...

i'm not sure i should even be posting in my current state.

anyway... here goes...

TITLE: The Perils of Being Kamiki Ryunosuke
CHARACTERS: Kamiki Ryunosuke, Yamada Ryosuke, Shida Mirai, Nakajima Yuto, Chinen Yuri, Kawashima Umika, Ohgo Suzuka, Shougo Sakamoto, Irie Jingi
GENRE: RL; crack (or at least partial crack)
DISCLAIMER: The only thing i own in this story is the plot...
SUMMARY: It's Kamiki's birthday... but why does he seem so afraid of it???
AUTHOR'S NOTE: should have been posted earlier... but... explanation is above...

When his best friend, Shougo, told him that the rest of the former Horikoshi Gakuen class 3D was planning for his birthday celebration, Kamiki should have been one of the happiest guys in town. Really, for them to be doing that despite the fact that they were officially no longer Horikoshi Gakuen students meant that he was very well liked, maybe even loved, by his friends. Except that the guy had been hoping, begging the gods to be more precise, to keep him so busy on that day that he wouldn’t have time for anything else.

He even went as far as telling his mom not to prepare anything for the day.

This surprised his mom, of course. After all, Kamiki had always enjoyed his birthdays. But then, Horikoshi Gakuen happened and Kamiki Ryunosuke was never the same guy.

Because after his first birthday as a Horikoshi Gakuen student , Kamiki started having double thoughts about his birthday. But really, it was only after his second birthday, just after their 2nd year as a student ended, that Kamiki ended up dreading that day.

He still clearly remembers, and is not bound to ever forget, the after effects of that celebration. Those eyes still haunt him in his worst dreams.

It all started with he received a call from Irie, informing him that class 1D, as they were still that year, had to attend school on the 19th. It wasn’t anything unusual of course, considering the number of classes they all end up missing, they are bound to have to attend some special summer classes to catch up with the others in their year. He remembered a part of him feeling sad that he had to go to school on his birthday but a part of him was also glad he gets to spend his day with his friends.

But when he arrived at Horikoshi Gakuen, he also remembered wondering why there didn’t seem to be any one much around. It looked as deserted as any school during summer break would ever be. But since it is him and he is Kamiki Ryunosuke, he simply shrugged it off and went on his way, heading towards the room that was assigned to their class.

Only when the party poppers erupted and his classmates jumped at him from everywhere, confetti raining all over their heads, did he finally realize what it really was.

It turns out that Mirai had spearheaded a surprise birthday celebration for him with the rest of their classmates.

It was fun really. They bought food and drinks, games and music. Apparently, Yuto, Chinen, Irie, Suzuka, Shougu, Mirai, and Yamada all trouped out to ask permission to their principal for them to use the room. It was eventually allowed, of course, provided that certain measures were to be taken care of.

He felt really touched by their actions and he enjoyed the celebration except that somehow, a small part of him feels like there’s something wrong, like there’s someone watching him very closely. He told Mirai, who he finds himself almost always next to, about it but Mirai simply chuckled, hitting him lightly by the shoulder, and said it was just his imagination.

It turns out, it wasn’t.

He was heading to the men’s room then when he heard those voices. Generally, he would just have let that pass but something seemed to be pulling him towards the direction of that conversation, something other than the voices being familiar.

“I don’t know what you two are talking about,” he heard Yamada resolutely say.

“Oh come on, stop denying it,” came Chinen’s reply, jeer pretty evident in his voice as he addressed his friend. “You’ve been glaring at the back of Kamiki-kun’s head every chance you got!”

Kamiki gasped. So it really wasn’t his imagination. It was Yamada’s eyes he kept on feeling on him. But why would his self-proclaimed childhood friend be doing that?

“It’s true,” came Yuto’s voice. And although it doesn’t have the openly mocking tone that Chinen’s had, it still had a pinch of amusement hidden all over it. “Kamiki-kun has been sensing it too! I saw him looking around worriedly a few times now.”

“Awww, Yama-chan,” said Chinen patronizingly. “Don’t tell me you’re jealous of Kamiki-kun!”

‘Jealous?!’ he wondered privately as he tried to get a clearer view of the trio without making them know he’s there. ‘Why would Yama-chan be jealous of me?’

“I’m not jealous!” Yamada was quick to retort, but, seeing as Kamiki had already found a good spot to watch and listen without being seen, he also saw that quick flash in Yamada’s eyes that was just as quickly hidden as he said that. “Just because Mirai-chan organized this surprise birthday party for him, it doesn’t mean I’d be jealous!” he huffed.

“Mirai-chan huh…” Yuto grinned. “And here we were thinking that you just felt bummed because Kamiki-kun gets to celebrate his birthday with the rest of the class and you didn’t.”

“N-No!” Yamada piped up immediately but by the looks of it, neither Yuto nor Chinen believed him evidenced by how they both caught each other’s eyes in mock disbelief.

Even Kamiki couldn’t believe what he’s hearing. Ryu and Meg?!

“What I meant was…” Yamada tried to explain but Chinen cut him off.

“We know, we know, you didn’t mean it that way…” he said dismissively, his facial expressions contradicting his words. “But this does remind me,” he added as he turned to Yuto “I heard a rumor a few days back that Kamiki-kun and Mirai-chan are secretly dating, I guess Mirai-chan doing this for Kamiki-kun now confirms that it is true!”

‘No it isn’t!’ Kamiki wanted to cry, desperation growing inside of him. He’s heard of the rumor too, thought of it as simply amusing, and simply shrugged it off. But at that moment, he couldn’t, because while his ears were still catching Chinen and Yuto’s conversation (“Yeah, you’d only do this for someone special,” Yuto was nodding.), his eyes were fixed on the only remaining party in that conversation who still had not said a word.

Because while his two buddies delved on how ‘cute’ a couple he and Mirai would make, Yamada’s eyes only grew darker and darker.

And just as Chinen exclaimed “They’d be perfect for each other!”, Kamiki was not able to stifle a gasp causing three pairs of eyes to turn to his direction. Two of which simply looked curious but it was the third pair that made his heartbeat speed up. In that quick second before he was able to hide himself, he saw the glare in Yamada’s eyes, the promise it held.

“Kamiki Ryunosuke! You’re dead!”


He, thankfully, wasn’t found out to be eavesdropping that day and he was able to return to their room without much incident. Still, he chose to stick by Suzuka, Shougo, or Umika for most of the rest of the party. It didn’t stop the glares coming from Yamada though. He gulped every time he turned to look at him and Yamada would just smile.

At that point, he’s pretty sure Yamada’s not yet even completely sure of what he’s feeling for Mirai, something the guy eventually made sure of as the year progressed. And that simple fact worries him now even more!

Because if that was what happened to him with Yamada still not sure of his feelings for Mirai, what more is he bound to encounter now that Yamada, in so many ways, has embraced that emotion?

That, and the fact that Shougo told him that according to Umika, Chinen and Yuto told her that Yamada didn’t get to spend his own birthday with his girlfriend.

“You look tensed,” Suzuka chuckled as she and Umika greeted Kamiki outside the restaurant that was rented for the celebration.

That part, Kamiki wouldn’t deny. He had a hard time stopping his knees from shaking. He just received a message from Irie that everyone, and the guy even enumerated who, was already inside, and that everyone included a happy-looking Mirai and a slightly moody Yamada.

“Nah,” Kamiki feigned a smile.

“Come on then!” Umika grinned, taking one of his arms as Suzuka took the other.

Kamiki silently gulped. For some reason, with either female flanking him, he felt like a prisoner being marched to his death sentence.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAMIKI!!!” those were the words that greeted Kamiki the moment he, Umika and Suzuka entered the door. And for that split-second, he momentarily forgot his worries as a real smile erupted to his lips.

“Thanks guys!” he couldn’t help but exclaim.

“Now that the man of the hour is here, we can all start the party!” Mirai cheered as she approached Kamiki and dragged him away from Umika and Suzuka.

“Now, now,” Shougo said, perhaps noticing the change of colors in his best friend. “Technically speaking, since we didn’t get to celebrate Mirai-chan and Yamada-kun’s birthday, it’s their birthday too!”

“Yeah,” Irie ended up agreeing though he eyed Shougu and Kamiki amusedly. “A triple celebration!”

Kamiki couldn’t help but sigh in relief seeing Yamada actually smile at this, especially when moments earlier, he sensed the guy looking at him with less than friendly thoughts.

“Oh yeah!” Suzuka beamed as she and Umika approached Yamada and dragged him towards where Kamiki and Mirai stood, right next to Mirai to be exact, Yamada seemed to not be in a rejecting mood.

Kamiki could feel relief washing over him as he saw Mirai smile at Yamada and Yamada smile sincerely back just as he felt either of his arms being seized once again. There was a sincere and jolly smile on his lips as he beamed at Suzuka and Umika, having dragged him away from where Yamada and Mirai seemed to have entered their own little world.

Kamiki couldn’t help but sigh and smile.

Except at the very back of his head, a small voice tells him he’s missing something. Somehow, it still feels like someone is glaring at the back of his head again as he chatted with Umika, Suzuka, or both. But every time he turns around, he sees that Yamada’s too preoccupied with Mirai to be turning to him or anyone else. He shrugs it off.

He fails to see that a few meters away from the guy, Yuto and Chinen had been eyeing him quite murderously.
-----THE END-----



the first non-JE boy i seriously liked, of the younger generation of course (cause if it isn't that would be Oguri Shun, followed by Matsuda Shota)!

how was it? liked it or not?
(errors/typos and everything else will be edited once i come back from tomorrow's christening...)

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Date: 2012-05-21 03:27 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
HAHAHAHAHAHA~!! after one trouble was gone, come another 2!! poor kamiki~!! LOL

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Date: 2012-05-23 03:37 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
to be honest, i wasn't planning for the ending to be like that but... i just can't help it! the image of Kamiki in TGQ sort of stuck with me and i can't help but think it'd be hilarious if it ended like that.
after all, he does seem to be very friendly... :)
glad you enjoyed it! :)


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