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TITLE: Guitar Strings
CHARACTERS: Ueda Tatsuya, Kobayashi Ryoko
DISCLAIMER: The only thing i own in this story is the plot...
AUTHOR'S NOTE: written for [ profile] pautami for her fic request in the $1-FOR-A-DRABBLE - BUY A DRABBLE activity of  as part of their fundraising activity to help the victims of typhoon that recently hit Mindanao.

“Now, now… If you don’t stop what you’re doing, you’re never going to finish the music for your song.” )

ooookay! NOT my first time writing Kobayashi Ryoko but it is my first time writing Ueda Tatsuya...
to be honest, Ueda wouldn't be in the list of my favorite Johnnies but he wouldn't be in my list of the ones i don't like either...
let's just say that he's somewhere in between...
but curiously, it felt nice having to write them...

thanks [ profile] pautami for the request... hope you like it... :) (and sorry, i forgot to sign up as a writer for the auction... *bops her head* i would have loved to join....)

anyway... comments and critics are seriously loved... :)

and also, i do think the activity is still up, so, if you wanna "buy" a drabble (there's a list of writers + their preferences available), head on to $1-FOR-A-DRABBLE - BUY A DRABBLE and "buy" your fic... :)
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before anything else... i loved so many things that happened this day! well, technically speaking, it'd be yesterday since it's past midnight now... but still...

first off, my friend finally sent me a soft copy of all 7 Harry Potter books! i've been asking it from him for a few days now and he just sent it!!! actually, he already gave me the soft copy some 2-3 years ago (2x actually) but my sister had our computer reformated and therefor it was lost (and i lost it the 2nd time when i saved it on my memory card for safe keeping and i lost that memory card...) i love him already! LOL... but yeah, i've been wanting to reread all 7 books for a while now, unfortunately, the only actual/real book here with me is the 6th book... my eldest sister had everything else... so now i can finally reread it!

secondly.... [ profile] azraqey  finished the banner i requested from her for One Chance! actually, she made me two versions (the other one i'll be using on my AFF account) and i so freakin love it! really, girl, thank you so much! i love you already! :D the banner for lj would be unveiled on my next One Chance post... :D:D:D

and so... since in this part of the world it's already November 26, 2010, it only means one thing...

OHNO SATOSHI is now officially 30 YEARS OLD

looks-wise, he may not look like one (actually, most Johnny's who reached/passed the age don't look like 30 at all--well, maybe except my other favorite riida--sorry Joushima, i still love you though--and yeah, i don't categorize Sakamoto as riida since to me, he is the v6 papa--well, he/they already said it him/themselves!) but here's to the artistic and fish-loving Arashi leader!

Happy Birthday Ohno!

and since it is his birthday, it would be uncharacteristic of me not to post a fic for it (Nino's was a few hours late for his birthday but i had good reason that time...)

actually, there are two fics this time for our beloved Ohno... the first came up after i wrote down Naughty or Nice... and the second one came up because... well... CHINEN!!!

here goes...

TITLE: A Sweet Birthday Surprise
CHARACTERS: Ohno Satoshi, Kobayashi Ryoko
PAIRING: Ohno/Kobayashi
DISCLAIMER: The only thing i own in this story is the plot...

People say that the day a man reaches the age of 30 is special. For someone who just turned 30, he’s inclined to disagree. )

TITLE: Chinen's Leverage
CHARACTERS: Ohno Satoshi, Kobayashi Ryoko, Sakurai Sho, Aiba Masaki, Ninomiya Kazunari, Matsumoto Jun, Chinen Yuri
PAIRING: Ohno/Kobayashi
DISCLAIMER: The only thing i own in this story is the plot...

Today might actually be one of the more special days in his whole fanboy life. Because today is the day of his idol’s birthday. Today is the day that Ohno Satoshi turns 30. )

and that's my Ohno Satoshi birthday offering... :D
not much but... yeah...
readers? comments/critics are really loved... :):):)
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 well, it still is, in some places of the world... (i'm just not quite sure about where i live in since the three clocks/watches i have are all saying a different time)


earlier this morning, [ profile] azraqey  came up with an idea to make something for this years big event: Arashi's 11th Anniversary! Congratulations!

so, about half a day later, (And with with Sho's SSLA being pushed down again-- it'd be up some time tomorrow... promise) here is...

TITLE: Aiba's Surprise: An Anniversary Special
CHARACTERS: Arashi members, Becky, Inoue Mao, Nagasawa Masami, Kobayashi Ryoko, Ishihara Satomi
PAIRING: Ohno/Kobayashi, Sho/Satomi, Aiba/Becky, Nino/Masami, Jun/Mao
DISCLAIMER: A collaboration with [ profile] azraqey , she started this idea and i just ran with it... :) written originally just for [ profile] mukae_ni_ikuyo but she said it's okay to cross post too... (so yeah, sorry for the spam) we own nothing but the plot... everything else is already owned by someone else... :)
SUMMARY: Aiba won the chance to plan for their debut anniversary activities. None of the other four ever expected the kind of activity he had in mind...

With that beautiful of a setting, each one with the one woman he loves the most, and with the four other guys who’re more than just a brother or friend to them, none of them would even think of disagreeing... )

and now, i shall go to sleep...
comments/critics are really welcome and loved... :)
and [info]azraqey  would like to be mentioned and known to be the very first one who read this when i was done... :)
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another day, another picto-drabble... :)

CHARACTERS: Ohno Satoshi, Kobayashi Ryoko
PAIRING: Ohno/Ryoko
DISCLAIMER: The only thing i own in this story is the plot... All pics are from and thanks to [ profile] azraqey 

I don’t know how to love... I am not capable of loving... )
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Yeah... for almost (or practically) two days, my sister and i had been just sleeping due to the fact that there was no light, and really what else can you do in a place where everything else you're capable of doing has something connected to electricity... anyhow, it (the electricity) just came back and i'm connected to the world again... i wasn't even aware of what the storm signal in our place was, let alone know if it's leaving the country or staying for more... (apparently, it's on it's way out--or is out already--of the country...) turns out there were still some casualties but (i think) it was a bit milder considering how big the say the storm is... that is so far, at least, since tomorrows' (or later's) news would reveal much of the damage the storm had made...

on another news, i've just had my second big failure of the year, not that it was a complete failure but i still didn't achieve my utmost desired results... at least, i'm halfway there already though (or 3/4ths or xx/xx since i don't really know how good/bad the results are) and i'm still thinking, the same way during my first big failure of the year, that God has a plan for me and there's a reason why it happened... i'm actually quite surprised that it took me only two hours to recover after finding out about it (or maybe because by then i was worrying that the electricity wouldn't be back soon) but anyway, i still thank God for the experience.... :)

on my fic related news, the 2 Baby Steps sequels i'm working on are still in the works but i finally got something to post to [ profile] mukae_ni_ikuyo :D 

TITLE: Sakurai Sho's Love Analysis a.k.a The Different Roads Arashi Took For Love
CHARACTERS: Arashi members, Becky, Inoue Mao, Nagasawa Masami
PAIRING: Aiba/Becky (this chapter)
DISCLAIMER: The only thing i own in this story is the plot...

Like... Like I didn't want us to be just friends... )

so yeah... tell me what you think... :) comments/critics are loved... :)


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