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First things first...

Hi my name is Mitch/Cara and, well, this is my journal! I created a livejournal account because i fell in love with Arashi. Actually, i fell in love with Matsumoto Jun (certified Jun-bait/Hanadan-bait/Gokusen-bait here!) and consequently, Arashi. and from there, it grew. i am now a Johnny's Jimusho fan (lol), from the daisempais (Matchy, Shounentai) to sempais (pre-Arashi debut, post-Shounentai... e.g. SMAP) to kouhais (post-Arashi debut, up until Kis my ft2--recent addition), and well, of course, Toma, and Uchi.

But i do have my favorites. well, there's Matsujun, and then the rest of Arashi, Toma, Ryo, Kame, KIMUTAKU (no one can resist his charms! promise!), Gussan, Mabo, Sakamoto (guy is freakin' perfect!), Takaki, Nakai, Ohkura, and just recently, Fujigaya Taisuke (what? he's cute! lol)

for non-Johnnys, i love Oguri Shun, Matsuda Shota, Mizushima Hiro, Inoue Mao, Horikita Maki, Kuroki Meisa (the girl is HOT!), and Ashida Mana (i love this kid... so cute and bubbly... and just... i love this kid!). Outside the Japanese entertainment scene, i am a huge Harry Potter fan, it is my very first addiction. I follow NCIS, Bones, and, well, CSI except that i really don't follow the show religiously (i mean, if it's on, then i'll watch).

and so we head to what is in this journal. As you may already know (since you probably won't check this journal if it wasn't), this blog houses my fanfictions (most of it, at least) which leads us to why i had to do a revamped intro post... the previous intro post had my original master list for my fanfictions but i felt like adding in short summaries for the stories... except that when i did, Livejournal said that it was too long... so other than being an intro post, this post is also my main summary post...

i had to cut the masterlist into two... for Oneshots and Drabbles, and for Multi-chapters... also, i have a sort of different way of tagging here, for the series ones at least (Oneshots and drabbles are normal)... since i usually use so many characters for my series, it gets a bit tiring (not to mention annoying long) to tag all of the names involved in the story per chapter... so what i do is i tag those people involved in the very first chapter of the story only and then just use the chapter title tag for the succeeding ones...

Also, before the links, i would just like to add that i'm pretty much ok with anyone adding me, especially since this is mostly a fanfic journal as of late (though i can not promise no ranting or rambling every now and then) though i'm more likely not to add one back when s/he has a blank journal or an lj name that i haven't seen around. so, leave a comment or something okay? :D

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So i finally decided to create a proper introductory post in lj that also doubles as an index of my works (although its not that much yet...)

My name is Mitch/Cara. I created an lj account because I fell in love with Arashi. Matsujun is my first (and still top) love but i love all five of them already. I'm also interested with all the other JE groups already. TOKIO is my favorite sempai group, I love Nakai,  Toma is my favorite non-Arashi JE boy, followed closely by Ryo, and Kame. For non-JE guys, i like Oguri Shun and I'm starting to like Mizushima Hiro... My favorite Japanese female actresses are Inoue Mao, Kuroki Meisa, and Horikita Maki and now, Ashida Mana... I really, really love this kid! Also, i might just happen to be in love with Kimura Takuya (no one is immuned! hahaha).

Outside the Japanese entertainment, i'm a big Harry Potter fan (it's my first addiction) i love writing (it is my first passion) which is why this journal turned out to be a collection of fanfictions I've made.

For the fanfictions I've made... (Note: I love Maotsujun...)

Originally, this was going to house all my J-ent fanfictions (by the time i decided that this would be a fanfic journal) but then, i found myself enjoying a certain local loveteam in my country and I thought I'd be posting fanfics of them here too... :)
Japanese Entertainment:
After Party


Unpublished Love Song
Third Time's the Charm *new*

RyoxSawajiri Erika
Scarecrow *new*
Addiction *new*
Promise Ring *new*
Two to Tango *new*

Guitar Strings *new*

gen (no pair)   
Leader Worries ( feat Hey!Say!JUMP, Arashi and Tokio leaders)
A Dream and A Promise (Tegoshi Yuya, Masuda Takahisa) *new*
To Murderous Results (Chinen Yuri, Nakajima Yuto, Arioka Daika, Okamoto Keito, Ohno Satoshi) *new*

group (multi-pair)
Aiba's Surprise: An Anniversary Special (Ohno/Kobayashi, Sho/Satomi, Aiba/Becky, Nino/Masami, Jun/Mao)
Reading (and Writing) Between the Lines (Nino/Masami, Jun/Mao)
Two Pairs (Sho/Maki, Jun/Meisa)
Co-star (Nino/Karina, Jun/Mao)
Lines (Go/Aya, Jin/Meisa, Aiba/Becky, Ryo/T. Erika, Nagase/Aibu, Yamada/Shida)
Collaboration (Ohno/Yuka, Sho/Maki, Aiba/Becky, Nino/T. Erika, Jun/Mao)
Cupid's Fun Run (Jun/Mao, Yamada/Shida)
Being with a Johnny (Jun/Mao, Yamada/Shida)
Trouble With/Or Date (Aiba/Becky, Jun/Mao, Toma/Maki)
Something in Common (Sho/Kyoko, Jun/Mao)
Set-up {Jun's Payback Time} (Nino/Nozomi, Jun/Mao)
Prerequisite to Wed (Toma/Mao, Mukai/Keiko, Jun/Meisa)
(Gimmick) Game (Nino/Masami, Nino/Nozomi)

(drabbles/one-shots with accompanying pictures that goes with the flow of the story)
Friends or Fate (NinoxMasami)
She Thought Me How (OhnoxRyoko)
The Most Special Lesson (ShoxMaki)


Baby Steps
*complete* by Oct 06, 2010
(YamapixMaki, JunxMao, + slight Johnnyxfemale actress pairs here and there)
Prologue / Chapter1/ Chapter2/ Chapter3/ Chapter4/ Chapter5/ Chapter6/ Chapter7/ Chapter8/ Chapter8.5/ Chapter9/ Chapter10/ Chapter 11/ Chapter12/ Chapter13/ Chapter14/ Chapter15/ Chapter16/ Chapter17/ Epilogue

Baby Steps Sequels: Getting There
part1, part2

Getting Even

Sakurai Sho's Love Analysis a.k.a. The Different Road Arashi Took for Love
*completed* by Nov. 06, 2010 (one chapter for each member: AMNOS pattern)
Aiba/Becky, Jun/Mao, Nino/Masami, Ohno/Kobayashi, Sho/Kyoko

One Chance (Falling...)
*completed* as of November 28, 2011

Learning from the Yoda
*complete* by Dec. 20, 2010 (JunxMao)
Chapter1, Chapter2,Chapter3, Chapter4, Chapter5, Chapter6, Chapter7, Chapter8, Chapter9

The Chase
*incomplete* as of October 31, 2011 (ShoxMeisa, AibaxBecky, et al.)
Chapter 1, Chapter2, Chapter3, Chapter4, Chapter5, Chapter6*new*

Fake Fairytale
*complete* by June 04, 2011 (YamapixKeiko)
Chapter 1, Chapter2, Chapter3, Chapter4, Chapter5, Chapter6

The List
*incomplete* as of Jan. 27, 2012 (YamadaxShida)
Chapter1, Chapter2, Chapter3 *new*

*incomplete* as of August 30, 2011 (JunxMao)
The Wedding *new* 

Over The Wall
(discontinued in lj... continued in AFF *incomplete*)
(RyoxT. Erika)

The Taming of the Shrew 
 (not in lj... posted in AFF *complete*) 
(discontinued in lj... posted in AFF *incomplete*)
(TomaxMaki, YamapixMaki, JunxMao)

Me, My Mom and the Men in Our Lives
(not in lj... posted in AFF *incomplete*)
(ShunxKeiko w/ Ashida Mana, Ikuta Toma, Matsumoto Jun et al)

Filipino Entertainment:
One Shot:

Back Story
Silent Wish
Shadow Guardian

Lovestory (JhakexBea)


*incomplete* as of December 6, 2011
(JhakexBea et al)
Chapter1, Chapter2, Chapter3, Chapter4 , Chapter5, Chapter6, Chapter7, Chapter8, Chapter9, Chapter10, Chapter11, Chapter12*new*

*banners/posters courtesy of the following: Marshmello, LiLdaisy, Anna Clair all over at AFF... :) thanks girls... :):):)Oh, I'm pretty much fine with anyone adding me up but would it be okay if you please leave me a comment in any of my entries or here or send me a message or something so that I have an idea why you're adding me and so that I could add you back... :) Oh, and yeah... some lj friends and i started an arashi het community (basically, they started it, i was just given the opportunity to join and help a bit...) so yeah! 

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