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Well, it still is June and June is still Nino month...
and despite the fact that i did manage to come up with 3 fics (with 3 different women... and not late too!) for Nino's birthday, our bratty gamer complained that there weren't any SMUT fics for him on his birthday and, of course it simply wouldn't do! LOL! okay... maybe he didn't say those words...
but this is Nino we're talking about! he's Mr. SEXUAL POWERHOUSE!!!
(and someone requested for a Nino NC-17 fic... granted of course that the request was for Masamiya but the concept that entered my mind fitted more for someone else... Maybe next time... X_X)

TITLE: Don't Feed the Trolls
CHARACTERS: Ohno Satoshi, Sakurai Sho, Aiba Masaki, Ninomiya Kazunari, Matsumoto Jun, Yoshitaka Yuriko, Ikuta Toma
DISCLAIMER: The only thing i own in this story is the plot...
SUMMARY: It was a bet he knew he should never have made!
AUTHOR'S NOTE: a continuation of the Nino b-day fics... sort of... X_X

Nino had never, ever (ever!) wished he hadn’t done something he ever did in his entire life, well, not to that degree at least, until he entered his apartment and saw her there.

Actually, it wasn’t quite an ardent wish, not just yet when he entered his apartment and saw her sitting on his sofa. It was just a little bit more of a regret.

Much earlier that day, he had entered the Arashi greenroom only to be surprised to see two other faces there, one of which was Toma. And while Toma appearing in their greenroom is a regular occurrence enough, at least when they’re in the same building, he wasn’t really expecting to see the guy, not when he thought the guy would still be in Nagoya to shoot for his movie, even more so that his movie co-star, Yoshitaka Yuriko, is the one with him.

And that’s when everything started.

It turns out, the renovation that was going on in Yuriko’s apartment lasted longer than expected making her temporarily homeless, at least for the night. And Toma, being a “good” friend insisted that it wouldn’t do for her to go to a hotel not when it’s peak tourism period (and it being just the one night) and dragged her to his friends (at least the ones she knew) to see who had a spare room. For her part, Yuriko really didn’t seem to care or notice much, she looked like she’d much rather sleep.

And somehow, with them being former co-starts and quite okay friends, it ended up with him handing Toma his spare key to drive Yuriko to his apartment.

But it wasn’t really the cause of his regret. Of course not! However illogical or nonsensical things went leading to the woman to stay in his apartment for the night, it was what happened after that is the root cause of his present dilemma.

“Really?” Aiba chuckled in a mix of amusement and disbelief as Toma dragged a very sleepy Yuriko out the door. “Nino and a girl, not to mention she’s Yoshitaka Yuriko-san, sharing an apartment even if it’s just for the night? And Toma-kun is okay with that?”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Nino asked, frowning.

“You know what I mean,” Aiba continued grinning as even Sho, Jun and Ohno started to smile as well. “Mr. Sex Machine. Or was it Sexual Powerhouse? I can’t seem to recall which is which.”

Nino almost choked in his own saliva then. When those rumors about him and his rather active sexual life started hitting the papers, he had heard quite a bit of ribbing from the guys, especially since they all attested that it really wasn’t that far off. And he wasn’t expecting to hear those ribbings again.

“Idiot!” he blabbered the moment he recovered. “Yuriko-chan’s a friend.”

‘And an almost lover,’ he added to himself, not bothering to admit that to anyone else, let alone to Aiba (with the rest of their group listening) and provide him further fuel. Back when they were still doing Gantz, he and Yuriko may have crossed the borders of ‘just friends’ with a number of chaste kisses he may or may not have instigated but somehow, one way or the other, they failed to transition to the lover’s phase.

“Oh really?!” Aiba, if possible, grinned even more. “So you’re telling us that nothing is going to happen tonight?”

He wasn’t really sure why but he found himself pausing for a bit the moment Aiba said that. Call it men’s intuition if such a thing exists. But after seeing the gloating, cocky look Aiba had on, Nino was not about to back down.

“Nothing!” he insisted.

“Want to bet on it?”

Nino couldn’t help but grit his teeth recalling those five words he had foolishly replied with a “You’re on!” which is now causing his life to turn this miserable. That and the 20 thousand yen that’s on the line.

The moment he entered his apartment and saw her wearing one of his shirts (“I borrowed your shirt,” Yuriko had said when she stepped out of the spare room at the very moment Nino stepped into his apartment. “I hope you don’t mind.”), he had delegated himself to his room, determined to stay there for the rest of the night.

He doesn’t mind of course. Yuriko borrowing his clothes is perfectly okay even when she managed to choose his favorite shirt or that the shirt fell almost to her knees, giving off the image that it is the only piece of garment she’s wearing.

He’s just, well, hormonally affected.

But his plan to take refuge in his room all night crashed when, about an hour or so since he cooped up inside of it, Yuriko knocked on his door to tell him that she had prepared dinner. With his stomach grumbling quite loudly and no other food source in sight, he had to go out.

Dinner was a strenuous event, especially with Nino practically breathing in her scent as she sat opposite him at the table. There were quite a few accidental physical contacts too, all of which sending electric currents throughout his body, affecting him more than just in his mind.

Some part of him is suspicious that Yuriko is actually doing it on purpose, especially since there’s this sort of teasing grin on her lips the whole time. She didn’t say anything though making Nino feel doubtful of his own suspicions. After all, his heightened senses, so to speak, may be causing him to overanalyze or maybe even misinterpret things.

Seeking solace at the living room after dinner (he had offered to do the dishes but Yuriko insisted since she’s the guest that she’s going to do it herself), he thought he could cool off for a bit, knowing full well that if he enters his room without cooling down, he’d never get a single minute of sleep through the night especially knowing that she’d just be literally in the next room (and in his shirt).

Yuriko had always had that effect on him, he had to admit, making him just want to touch her, caress her but not always in a sexual sort of way, sometimes, he gets this urge to simply just hold her. In a way, it was a good thing that their filming then was quite an ordeal leaving little room for anything much, including sleep and potential cavorting.

But someone influential up there might have had it in for him because before he could even cool down, Yuriko had joined him in the living room.

“I don’t think I can sleep yet,” she said. “I hope you don’t mind.”

No. He wouldn’t mind at all. And then he remembered that bet!

He almost cursed Aiba the moment Yuriko sat at the opposite end of the couch saying “That’s looks interesting.”

“Ahm… Yeah,” he said. He might as well be watching a documentary of an ape eating a banana and he’d say it’s interesting. Most of his senses is focused on the splashes of water on the shirt she’s wearing (from when she cleaned up the dishes) and the way his shirt hitches up to reveal her legs when she crossed her legs. The rest focused on the fact that he’s practically holding in his breath so that he wouldn’t breathe in her scent.

He knew he wouldn’t be able to maintain control for long though so he said hastily “Uhm, I think I’m going to bed now. I need to catch some sleep.”

Nino wasn’t sure if he was just moving a little too slowly or Yuriko just moved lightning fast because before he could even stand, the woman had managed to be right next to him, leaning over so that she was bending against him to whisper to his other ear huskily “Are you sure that’s what you need to do?”

Nino visibly swallowed as his eyes focused on Yuriko’s face, particularly on the way she moved so that his face and hers were literally just centimeters away from each other.

He had always known Yuriko to be an interesting person, but he never quite knew she’d be so bold.

And she surprised him even more when she touched her lips to his, giving him a sweet taste of the lips he hadn’t quite tasted for some time. It was a quick one too since she withdrew immediately, a little too quickly making Nino crave for more.

And within that very short span of time, the bet, the 20 thousand yen, and any other thoughts flew as Nino’s hands immediately went to the back of her neck to pull her towards him for more. He could practically feel her grinning against his lips as he went on to ravage hers.

Yuriko’s boldness went even further up a notch when she sat on his lap, facing him, resting her legs on his sides, the movement creating friction against his already bulging member and the cloth of his boxers making him groan.

Yuriko chuckled. “I really don’t think you’d be able to get any sleep with this,” she added teasingly as she rubbed against him, feeling his bulge.

Nino would have thrown his head back at the deliciousness of the contact no matter the obstruction that was his boxers and shorts and her undies, instead he simply grabbed hold of her neck and pulled her to him for another bout of kissing.

To make sure that no words, however teasing they may be, would distract them, he made his hands go busy too as he made them travel under the hem of his shirt towards her bra. It was to his delight that he found out she was wearing none.

Yuriko arched her back, relishing the contact his hands made to her bare breasts as he started caressing them, teasing them. He couldn’t help but grin, this time making the teasing himself.

“You came prepared,” he whispered in her ear as he started to nibble his way from there to her throat.

Yuriko didn’t show any signs of shame though as she simply chuckled, her hands starting to keep themselves busy as well.

“You have no idea,” she said.

Nino didn’t really understand what she meant by that, no that he noticed much, until a couple more minutes later when the woman had taken his shirt off and then pushed him away.

Nino was about to groan and complain when she saw the playful grin on her lips and the wiggle in her eyebrows as she reached for the small breast pocket on the shirt she’s wearing. And he would just about to kiss her so ardently again when he saw what she extracted there. Condom.

Quickly extracting the rest of the clothing they had on, his boxers and shorts and her shirt and undies, Yuriko took her sweet time putting the condom on him. Nino’s hands fell to his sides, on her legs, groaning in pleasure. And the very moment she was done, he pulled her to him again, capturing her lips as his hand landed on her breast to tease the already pebbled crown, the other falling towards her bottom, helping her, guiding her, as he entered her.

It was rather like having a cold drink after months of drought, the moment he was in, Nino felt utmost pleasure wash over him. And rather like that thirsty man, after the first splash of pleasure, he found himself wanting more.

And it seemed that Yuriko felt the same way too for she started moving against him, faster and faster, their tongues mimicking the speed and the pattern their bodies were making until he felt her stiffen against him, a fevered purr escaping her lips as she reached ecstasy with him following not long after.

They were both still panting moments later as they descended from the clouds, their bodies tingling in sweat.

“That was…” Yuriko started as she stood on both feet. “Uhm… nice…”

Nino was just about to slink into something short of bliss when his ears perked up at the adjective she used. Standing up quickly and catching her before she could manage to hide inside her room—his spare room, he pulled on her arm so that she ended up facing him. And when she did, he captured her lips again, kissed her hungrily, feverishly, barely moments later, she responded in the same wanton passion.

Their arms were already wrapped around the other’s body when the kiss ended making Nino grin.

“Nice?” he challenged cockily. With the kind of release the two of them just shared, he might not even settle for great.

Yuriko chuckled. “Oh, you know what I mean,” she simply replied.

Nino couldn’t help but chuckle. The woman all but admitted that she wanted more of him.

Lowering his head to kiss her again, he stopped before their lips could really touch as he whispered against her lips “I didn’t know you pack a condom with you.”

“Oh, I don’t,” Yuriko replied, her breathing slowly getting labored again. “Matsujun gave me that.”

Nino actually had his lips on hers again before his mind processed what she said and he literally had to raise his head.

“Matsujun—What?!” he cried in surprise. “When?”

“At the vending machine outside your greenroom,” Yuriko shrugged, a glint visible in her eyes. “He gave it to me after we made that bet.”

Bet?! The word rang in his ears as he remembered his own bet with Aiba.

“What bet?” he asked, his arms still around her though the heat in his body seemed to evaporate by the second.

“The 5 thousand yen bet he made with me that I’d get you to make love to me tonight,” she shrugged.

Nino’s heart plummeted along with his ego. For a few moments, maybe more than half an hour ago, his heart had hoped that Yuriko is really interested in him, maybe even more than that, after she literally made the first move. But hearing the words right out of her mouth made it worst. His ego was crushed too at the mention of the 5 thousand yen, especially in context of the 20 thousand yen he now owes Aiba.

“A bet huh?” he couldn’t help but ask dejectedly even with his body still reacting to the proximity of her naked body to his.

“It’s kinda small,” Yuriko shrugged before she went on to continue to surprise him. “But I’ve always liked you but you never seemed to notice me enough to make some sort of a real move… so… well, it was enough of a jump start.”

Nino froze for a moment before he understood what she just said. And then he chuckled just because he couldn’t take it any longer. He threw his head back as his heart, not to mention his ego, just sky-rocketed.

And before Yuriko could say anything, or worse, get out of his embrace, he looked back at her and kissed her fervently through the frown and confusion that erupted on her face at his reaction. Nothing more was said as he wrapped her legs around his waist and carried her to his room to continue what they were doing.

If the smiles were to be the basis, it’s plainly obvious that everyone had a hand on it, or at the very least knew something about it, that much Nino surmised when he entered their greenroom the next day and found all four members already there ahead of him.

And they weren’t identical smiles too. Aiba was grinning, an open palm already stretched in front of him, Jun had a smirk, Sho was smiling as he shook his head, and Ohno was chuckling, quite hard actually.

“You guys think you know it all huh?” he snorted before he pulled out his wallet.

“You mean other than because of that after sex glow you still have?” Aiba chuckled as he counted the money he just handed over.

“Jun-kun just paid Yuriko-chan the 5 thousand yen,” Sho added.

He had turned to Jun then in surprise, mostly because it had just been over and hour or so since he and Yuriko separated and he knew that she went straight to the shooting site since they had last minute re-shoots to make for her movie.

“Toma,” Jun shrugged and it really was answer enough to the question he didn’t get to ask.

He couldn’t help but snort again.

“Really Jun-chan?” he said, using ‘chan’ purposely for the purpose irritating Jun, if he could manage it. “5 thousand yen? I didn’t think you’re that cheap!”

Jun chuckled.

“Well, I just wanted to push her not bankrupt myself,” the guy replied, that smirk still in place. “Besides, it was already obvious that there was some unresolved issue between the two of you somewhere in there, which I assume, has been resolved now?”

“Don’t be so smug Matsumoto. You actually should be afraid, I’ll make you run for it for the first one among us to get married,” Nino said, the latter part more to spite Jun than anything. It wasn’t really that Jun was aiming to be the first of them to get married but he knew, they all knew, that the guy had been planning for his and Mao’s marriage for quite some time now.

“Why?” came Ohno’s voice quite unexpectedly. After all, rarely had Ohno come in to rescue Jun, most of the time it would be Aiba, or Sho, or even at times Nino. “Ran out of condom Nino?” he asked with a grin making the rest of them, other than Nino that is, snicker.

Overcoming the surprise of hearing Ohno’s voice, and then hearing what he said, Nino sighed “So, even you knew about this?”

“Yep!” Ohno smiled.

“And you were also in on the bet?” he asked despite knowing what the answer was.

“Of course,” came Sho’s reply. “Like we were going to let something like this pass! We thought, we don’t we make a bit of profit from it, right?”

“It’s a little bit of payback too,” Jun added, a grin already in his face. “You know, for everything. We know you were going to give in anyway, we just wanted you to suffer quite a bit. After all, you do love your money almost as much.”

Nino wanted to open his mouth to contradict but closed it again finding no words coming out from it. As much as he hate to admit it, they’re right. He was saved the trouble from saying anything though when Aiba exclaimed “So, 20 thousand yen… What do you guys want to eat?” causing all eyes in the room to transfer to him.

A beat of silence before Ohno’s voice came up again, this time to voice a suggestion.


“No!” came four different voices as even Nino found himself replying to the guy. When the four pairs of eyes transferred back to him, he sighed before saying “Shabu-shabu. Since it technically came from me, I think I get to decide what we eat.”

“Okay,” Ohno nodded and by the looks of the others who shrugged and turned to their own stuffs, they all agreed.

Nino had sighed and was just about to deposit his bag next to Jun’s on the couch when Aiba piped up.

“You do know that the 20 thousand is for the food only, right?” he said. “You still have to shell out for our drinks.”

“Like that’s going to happen!” he replied in disgust.

“Oh, you can bet on it,” Jun smirked, Sho and Aiba nodded and Ohno smiled.

Nino groaned. As much as he hates it, it does look like he’s about to shell out more than just the 20 thousand yen for the day. But then he remembered Yuriko and the events of the previous night, and earlier that day, and the promise it held.

A few thousand more yen would be a small price to pay.

a second fic offering of the same tone... OH LOL!

CHARACTERS: Matsumoto Jun, Inoue Mao
DISCLAIMER: The only thing i own in this story is the plot...
SUMMARY: They had a fight before he left, so what happens now that he's back home?
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Not because it's Nino month does it mean that the stories would be all about Nino... right???

He really couldn’t remember what the two of them were fighting about except that there had been a fight and it had been pretty bad, at least bad enough that he left Tokyo for their exciting lesson tour outside of Tokyo without the two of them talking.

Honestly, it wasn’t the first time that it happened with him and Mao but he had to admit that the last one that lasted this long had been quite a while ago and he hadn’t gone for quite some time without as much as a message or a phone call with and to her.

This is why Jun found himself quite surprised when he followed the rest of his group to the parking lot and found his car there. He remembered taking a cab to the airport, leaving his car behind, mainly because no one would drive it back. After all, them quarreling meant her not seeing him off too. And while he knew that she knew of his schedule and their return to Tokyo, he didn’t expect to see her there. He had even actually asked Sho to drop him off on the guy’s way home.

Heading straight to his car after bidding goodbye to his friends, all of whom surprised to see his car there too, he heard the lock lift and he knew she was inside.

“Hi,” he muttered, entering the car by the driver’s side, the seat she had already vacated ahead for him.

“Hi,” Mao simply murmured back.

Jun wanted to say more, do more, than just that but he found himself being unable to. Instead, he kicked the car’s engine into high gear and backed them out of the parking lot.

There’s this sort of awkward silence floating over them by the time the car hit the streets. Jun saw the telltale signs that Mao too wanted to say something but found herself unable to. It was frustrating her as much as his inability to come up with anything was frustrating him. Finally, at the red light and in frustration of the silence, Jun turned to Mao, his hand reaching out to catch hers, his hearing the catch in her throat as she gasped in surprise at his sudden action and said two words neither of them really thought of saying for the past couple of days.

“I’m sorry.”

When Mao turned to him, her eyes stunned, he continued “I’m not really sure what happened, I don’t remember what the fight was about but I’m sorry.”

For a moment, Mao didn’t say anything before he felt her squeeze at his hand and she said with a small smile, “I’m sorry too.”

Jun felt a heavy weight lift off of his shoulders the moment he heard her say that and then some.

He was prepared to brush it off, at least until they get to their apartment, especially with the traffic light switching back to green when Mao lifted his hand to her cheek.

“I missed you,” she whispered as she let him caress her face.

“I missed you too,” he said as he tried to push back other bodily reactions that arouse at the contact, focusing more on how great it felt having to hold her again. “More than you’ll know.”

He felt more than saw Mao smile before he felt something else. Mao had just caught his thumb with her lips and started nibbling on it.

“Mao,” he groaned her name before he could stop himself, her actions going directly to his crotch.

“Hmmm?” Mao simply responded as she went from nibbling to sucking on the pad of his thumb. His butt almost lifted off the chair in reaction.

“Mao…” he murmured again, a little more urgently this time. He’s fast losing control of his mind and she sure isn’t helping him maintain it either.

By the time Mao engulfed half his thumb, Jun knew he had lost it, and that he wouldn’t be able to make it to their apartment which was about two blocks away.

Spotting a building he knew to be deserted at night, he swerved towards the building’s thankfully open parking lot and stopped the car at the first dark area he could find.

The moment he did though, there was no stopping him as he turned to Mao hurriedly and captured her lips hungrily a kiss she accepted openly and with the same passion, both their hands travelling the other’s body.

The moment he lifted his lips off of hers and started trailing kisses to her ears and then down to her neck, he heard her chuckle in amusement. Jun needn’t ask why though, some part of him had a suspicion that it had something to do with his hurried and very hungry attack.

The laughter soon died on her throat though and replaced with an appreciative groan the moment Jun’s hand found his way through her blouse and started rubbing his thumb to the tip of her breast right through the lace of her bra.

He couldn’t help but do the chuckling this time.

But Mao was slowly and surely getting frustrated as she tried to get his shirt off of him but couldn’t.

“It’s too tight!” she complained.

Jun couldn’t help but grin, raising his head only to lower it again on her lips to kiss her fervently, Jun pushed the recline on her seat. And somehow, through those fervent kisses and heated touches, they found themselves at the back of the car, a space that really didn’t have as much room as they wanted but at least it had more than at the front, her back now resting on the seat with him over her.

In an identical fashion, Mao managed to rid him off his shirt as Jun fought his way through her blouse and bra.

Jun’s other hand had started trailing lower than her torso though, reaching under the hem of her skirt to her already wet undies. Mao purred in appreciation the moment she felt him rubbing her there.

It didn’t take long before Jun heard her say, her voice huskier, “Now.”

He chuckled, lifting himself off the woman as he looked at her both in surprise and question.

Instead of saying anything though, Mao simply reached in between them and tugged at his belt and zipper, palming him there. Jun groaned, loving the friction on his member before the contact lifted when he jerked off his pants and boxers and Mao removed her undies. He didn’t even bother to remove them off completely because he was hovering over her, kissing her. The moment Mao’s hands went to his lower back, exerting pressure there, he knew what she wanted.

He entered her and they swallowed each other’s cry of pleasure at the first contact. But they both wanted more and so he moved, extracting half way before pushing all the way back in. Faster and faster he went until he felt Mao’s fingers digging deeply on his back.

A few moments later, he heard her whisper “I’m almost…”

Before she finished her statement though, Jun had moved to change their positions so that he was sitting upright with Mao straddling him, allowing her the liberty to change the pace and movement as she reached her climax.

Mao groaned appreciatively as she started grinding against him, pumping him in and out, Jun continuing his stimulation as he sucked and caressed her exposed breasts. It didn’t take long before she threw back her head and Jun felt her tighten around him he almost came too.

He allowed her a few moments to relish her ecstasy before he moved her to her back again and he moved, his release not that far behind.

And in a few more seconds, the air in the car was filled with pleasured groan as Jun came, withdrawing just in time, to release on their stomachs.

They remained that way for a few more seconds before lifted himself off of her, reaching for his pants for his handkerchief to clean them off.

“Nothing says I miss you like sex at the back of the car in an abandoned building huh?” he kidded as they both dressed themselves.

Mao simply chuckled.

They had already stopped in their apartment building’s parking lot when Jun turned to her and said “It was the first time you did something like that” referring to her stimulating him with his thumb back in traffic.

Instead of blushing though, Mao simply grinned as she opened her side of the door.

“Oh, I just wanted to see if how long you can last, being put in a precarious situation,” she giggled before she got out of the car.

Jun froze for a while before he shook his head, chuckled and got out of the car himself.

Mao’s going to pay quite dearly for that.

the NinoxYuriko story didn't leave my mind so i had to write it down really...
no matter how much i tried to divert my attention elsewhere.
when that story was finished, a spur of the moment idea came for the JunxMao fic...
that is the honest history of these two stories...

kindly tell me what you think while i go and try to clear my head...
or write more fics like this...
what do you guys think?
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