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i've written something!!!

well, actually, i've been writing for the past few days (weeks?) although with nothing much to prove it. i've written bits and pieces of everything (or almost everything) but not yet enough to be posted...
VIOLA! i come with fics... :)

inspired by this vid...

so, it was so cute... and i charming... and it's really, really cute how the little girl doesn't want to let her dad go. and then this thought occurred to me, right now, that's the case, but when she grows up, it's gonna be the other way around. like what if she ahs a date, would her dad go daddy dearest on him?

thus this fic... :D

TITLE: Meeting Daddy (a.k.a. Daddy Dearest)
CHARACTERS: Matsumoto Jun, Inoue Mao, Inoue Papa, Inoue Mama, Yamada Ryosuke, Shida Mirai, Shida Papa, Shida Mama, Kamiki Ryunosuke, Nakajima Yuto, Chinen Yuri, Ohgo Suzuka, Kawashima Umika
GENRE: RL; crack (or at least partial crack)
DISCLAIMER: The only thing i own in this story is the plot...
SUMMARY: She used to be daddy's little girl... now she's all grown up and he's in the picture, what does daddy feel about him?
AUTHOR'S NOTE: like i said, inspired by the above vid... there are two fics actually... :)


It wasn’t supposed to be funny.

Well, it wasn’t! If things were just a tad bit different, Inoue Mao wouldn’t have thought it funny at all. In fact, considering the circumstances they are in, she would have been nervous—scared and really nervous!

Except that she couldn’t stop herself from sniggering at the scene unfolding before her eyes.

Because she never, ever expected to see Jun fold like that to anyone, not even to her father!

Sure the meeting was Inoue Papa’s request but still, she never expected to see her boyfriend look so, well, uneasy! Plus, it isn’t the first time for the two of them to meet. She’d brought him home before and they’ve actually been over and done with the introduction to the parents kind of thing. Her mother even sends Jun some cookies and treats every once in a while.

But right before her, in the family living room, she could practically see how Matsumoto Jun tries not to fidget too much as her own father simply looks at him with a piercing glare. She suspects that had been the scenario ever since she left the two in the living room when her mother asked her to help prepare some snacks a few minutes after their arrival. Before that, her father had barely said a word.

In retrospect though, she thinks she knows where it’s coming from. After all, the request from her father arrived the same day Abe (Tsuyoshi) tweeted that F4 and Tsukushi had a little reunion to celebrate (Oguri) Shun and (Yamada) Yu’s wedding. And boy has her father turned a bit too squeamish over the mere mentions of weddings or marriages the past few months.

“So…” Jun croaked out after a while.

By looks of it, and knowing Jun just as well, small conversations have started but were immediately shot down before she rejoined the two, and it wasn’t a big mystery on who’s the one shutting down the conversation.

“T-thank you for inviting me,” Jun stuttered, shooting her a sort of pleading look as she took a seat between the two men, more to be able to stop things brewing than to stay conservative.

“Un,” her father simply nodded as he crossed his arms in front of his chest, his eyes barely leaving Jun’s except for that split second when he threw her a raised eyebrow the moment she sat down.

Mao really wanted to chuckle. She just saw Jun swallow hard for the nth time. It was rather like watching the rest of Arashi torture, erm, convince (Sakurai) Sho to ride the zipline. She’s pretty sure the guy’s glad that the rest of his group mates weren’t around to laugh at his expense, or more precisely, to make matters worse, especially considering that all four men are capable of achieving both feats at the same time.

Still, she threw her father a reproachful look. She knew he’s just being a dad and that in his mind, he’s doing it for her too, and while she couldn’t help but laugh at her boyfriend’s expense because of her father’s doings, a part of her feels bad seeing her boyfriend in that state.

Inoue Papa seemed to have been watching him too since he raised an eyebrow at her again the moment she shot him that look.

“You… Ahm, you look healthy,” Jun started again in his attempt to start a conversation.

“Yes,” Inoue Papa replied in a sort of stern tone. “I’m not yet dying.”

Mao glared at her father this time, disbelief flowing all over her at her father’s words but her dad wasn’t looking at her anymore. His eyes were back on Jun, and Mao could practically swear she could see a note of wicked amusement hidden beneath her father’s eyes.

“Oh,” said Jun, obviously taken aback with the snappy retort. “That’s good. That’s really good,” he added after a while. “Okasan is looking good and healthy too.”

Mao was just about to heave a relieved sigh, worrying that Jun, at worst, would just give up with her father acting all snappy and weird when she ended up gasping at what her father said in reply.

“Okasan?!” Inoue Papa repeated obviously taking offense at Jun’s reference to Mao’s mom.

It wasn’t actually the first time Jun called her mother “Okasan”. Actually, it’s her mom who had insisted for Jun to call her that way after his second visit to her home. It wasn’t such a big surprise that her mom was smitten with the guy. Mao suspects that her mother had actually been smitten with him from the very beginning but simply held back for her husband’s, Mao’s father, sake.

Before Jun could say anything and before Mao could say anything for him, she heard her mother calling her name from the kitchen.

“Yes?” she called back, not really wanting to leave her ready-to-go-between-in-case-something-happens place.

“Come help me for a bit,” Inoue Mama replied and Mao almost groaned. She was afraid she’d say that.

“Go help your mother,” Inoue Papa suddenly barked at her, making Mao spring to her feet and drag herself to the kitchen despite her better wishes.

Before she entered the other room, she still heard her father say “Okasan huh? Is there something you should be telling me by now?!”

“Mom, I thought we were done with the snacks,” she complained the moment she entered the kitchen.

There was no way she’d be able to hear what’s going on in the living room no matter how hard she’d strain herself. Years and years of living in the place taught her that.

“Give your father some time,” Inoue Mama simply said as she handed her a mixing bowl and indicated the ingredients she needed to mix. “This is something he must do.”

“But…” Mao started to complain only for her mother to shake her head endearingly and pat her lightly at the cheek.

“This is for your own good,” she told her. “Well, for you, his, and your dad’s own good.”

Mao could only sigh.

Jun didn’t really know how to reply to that. He’s not even sure if there’s anything he should be telling the guy. Well, not that his mind is functioning all that well. It was almost like Aiba (Masaki) had gone up there and tinkered with his mind a bit before he left cause he can’t really understand what’s going on inside his own head.

His palms have even started to get sweaty. It almost feels like he’s there to ask for Mao’s hand in marriage!

The moment the thought entered his mind, it sort of made sense; the scenario, him and Mao’s dad, his nervousness, Inoue Papa’s almost open hostility. And then he remembered wondering about him and Mao and marriage the moment Shun told him that he and Yu are finally tying the knot.

“Well, uhm…” he started queasily but Inoue Papa quickly shot him down.

“Are you here to take my baby away?” he asked sternly.

Somehow, those words, despite of the scary effect it should have on him, worked a different way.

Jun couldn’t help but smile.

“Well, if you put it that way…”

Death Glare

She’s really not sure why he’s acting that way.

Really, she isn’t! It is not like it’s her first time bringing a male friend home, she’d had classmates over in the past. And it’s not like he’s the first guy from her profession who set foot there. She’s brought Kamiki (Ryunosuke) before, well, more like he tagged along until she got home actually. But still, he got along quite fine with every one of them, even with her 5th grade crush when they visited her home during her birthday. And he even knew that the guy is her crush!

Shida Mirai just really can’t understand why her father is acting a bit too scarily towards Yamada Ryosuke.

She’s celebrating her birthday with the rest of her old Horikoshi Gakuen class in her house actually, with Yamada arriving just in time for the blowing of the cake. She doesn’t blame him really, after all, Chinen (Yuri) and (Nakajima) Yuto, both having arrived a few minutes after the party started, told her that the guy needed to stay behind to shoot his parts for their newest music video. And she also doesn’t blame the rest of their class who, having had a bit of fun, started playing around especially with the fact that Yamada did arrive just in time for her to blow her cake.

Someone, namely Kamiki, started joking that she was waiting for him to arrive before she cut her cake and, naturally, the rest of the class followed suit. And really, she could say that the joke had something more to do with it being Yamada’s birthday the day before than anything else. But then again, her father might not even know that her birthday is just after Yamada’s, or if he did, then maybe it just didn’t hit his father the same way.

And if the way her father is glaring at Yamada is to be the basis, it’s a pretty good bet that those old rumors about her and the guy are still fresh in her father’s mind.

Mirai only finally was able to heave a relieved sigh the moment she caught at the corner of her eye her mother heading towards the kitchen with her dad in tow. Knowing her parents, she’s pretty sure her mom had asked his assistance over something, and knowing her mom, she’s pretty sure it’s more because her mother noticed the same things she noticed and was just trying to give her a bit of breathing space. At moments like it, she’s fiercely glad of the woman being her mom.

Hoping that her mother would be giving her father such a telling off that her dad would stop glaring at Yamada, Mirai was planning to turn to her friends and join their little chat; before she got distracted, she, Umika, Suzuka, and Chinen were talking about their recent works.

But before she could rejoin them, she felt a light tap on her arm. Looking around, she saw Yamada and the guy is signaling for the two of them to talk in private. A quick look around and seeing that her parents, particularly her father, had not yet returned, Mirai nodded and signaled towards the veranda. After all, her parents, her dad to be more specific, seeing the two of them talking might be interpreted in a different way.

“What’s up?” she asked the moment the two of them were away from the others.

”First off, sorry for being late,” Yamada said nonchalantly. “I know the group said be on time but I had work and…”

“Hey, chill!” Mirai chuckled. “It’s all right, Yuto-kun and Chinen-kun already explained in your behalf.”

“Oh, good then!” Yamada breathed, showing relief from anxiety they both knew he didn’t really feel in the first place. Seeing him take a quick peak at the others inside, Mirai knew that the real reason why he called her out is about to surface.

“Anyway,” he said as he pulled out a small box with a tied ribbon from his pocket. Mirai almost gasped even as she looked at him in confusion.

“I didn’t want to give you this in front of the others,” Yamada continued, his voice nonchalant though his eyes refuse to meet hers. “Cause they might end up making a very big deal out of it. Happy birthday!”

For a split-second, Mirai’s world came to a standstill. She’s pretty sure the box doesn’t contain something as outrageous as a ring but it was still too damn close to looking like it. She didn’t even realize, or if she did, she didn’t put much notice, that the thought of Yamada giving her a ring even entered her mind, and much more importantly, why it did.

It did take her quite an effort to untie the ribbon and open the box without her fingers trembling. And then she gasped.

Inside was a delicate silver chain necklace with an exquisite pendant in the form of two dolphins “hugging” a pink gem, the figure forming a lopsided heart shape.

“I wasn’t really sure of what to get you for your birthday,” Yamada explained before she could even ask. “But my sister said a necklace would be good. And, well, I know you prefer tuna but it’s not like you were going to eat it so I picked dolphins instead.”

Mirai’s head looked up at once at this.

“YOU picked this?” she asked in surprise, noting that part of the guy’s explanation above everything else.

“Well, uhm, yeah…” Yamada replied, sounding increasingly defensive. “Why?”

“Nothing,” Mirai smiled. “It’s cute. I like it. Thank you.”

She saw Yamada almost beam but then again she cannot be sure since the guy took the necklace out of her hands and placed it across her neck.

Before she could say anything to that though, her ears caught the phrases “Where’s Mirai-chan?” and “her dad” jolting back her memory of her earlier predicament. And by the looks of it, Yamada heard them too.

“I think your dad hates me,” he said in an almost too nonchalant tone as the two of them went back inside. “Or at least he doesn’t like me.”

Mirai didn’t get the chance to pretend to ask why since Suzuka had raised a wrapped gift in both hand and cried “Gifts!”

Mirai nodded and happily dived in as Yamada slinked to where the boys were standing as they all gathered around the gifts table.

But it was only much, much later that anything connected to Mirai’s father’s less than friendly thoughts towards Yamada came up. The floor had by then been littered with colorful paper, ribbons, and boxes; all the gifts have already been opened.

But Kamiki wouldn’t be their Kamiki if he doesn’t suddenly pipe up supposedly innocent questions and so the guy asked after it was declared that all the gifts had already been opened “Eh?! What about Yama-chan’s gift?”

“Oh, yeah,” Umika nodded. “You haven’t opened it yet.”

“You did bring one, right?” Suzuka added after noting that no unopened gift was left on the table as both Mirai and Yamada turned increasingly pink. It was, at this exact moment, that Shida Mama and Shida Papa decided to rejoin the group.

“My presence?” Yamada jokingly asked. “That doesn’t count?”

“No, no it doesn’t,” Chinen chuckled. Mirai was silently praying for the joke to end there but then Yuto added “Seriously Yama-chan, what did you get her?” and she almost want to facepalm.

For a split second, her eyes met Yamada’s and she saw the slight panic in his eyes mirroring hers. They all know their friends well enough to know that they’re not going to let them live it down if it goes out that Yamada’s gift is the very same necklace Mirai is already wearing. Fortunately, no one noticed it yet.

Or almost no one at least since the moment Mirai’s hand unconsciously reached for the pendant, a pair of eyes immediately caught the reaction.

“It’s that necklace, isn’t it?” Kamiki cheered.

As the girls leaned down a bit to look closely at Mirai’s neck, Mirai had this sudden urge to wrap her hands around Kamiki’s own neck and strangle him. And while everyone ‘ooh-ed’ and ‘aaah-ed’ and appreciated the necklace, and jibes started to float about Yamada’s special gift, Mirai saw Yamada trying hard not to be too frozen. Mirai knew exactly why.

Because if looks could wound, the potency of Shida Papa’s glare could and would kill Yamada right where he’s standing now.

look, there's Maotsujun! :D
so, i hope you guys like it... tell me what you think... :)
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