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well, sort of at least... :)
i'm back because i just found myself updating a series i still haven't completed (thus the reason for this entry), sort of because i'm not sure if i can start working on the other stories just yet...
you see, this sudden arrival of  inspiration may actually be credited to Tantei Gakuen Q. i just started watching the live-action series last Sunday afternoon and i find myself actually enjoying it... thus the update for the below story and a new drabble for the TGQ pair...
(also, i think i may have found a possible reason why i always lose inspiration in writing these days. because i keep on seeing/reading Akanishi Jin related articles wherein i either want to scream at the writer, the commentor, and even, if possible Jin himself. Really, i may not even be a fan of the guy but i hate him for his actions after finding out about Meisa's pregnancy... you might probably think it's weird but it has something to do with my Baby Steps... really, why like that Jin?! -- so i've come to the decision to ignore any Jin-related news from now on, even though i actually liked Meisa)

anyway, proceeding to the reason of this post...


TITLE: The List

CHARACTERS: Yamada Ryosuke, Shida Mirai, Chinen Yuri, Nakajima Yuto, Kawashima Umika, Ohgo Suzuka, Kamiki Ryunosuke, Hey!Say!JUMP, Horikoshi Gakuen
PAIRING: YamadaxShida + others (i suppose)
DISCLAIMER: The only thing i own in this story is the plot...
She had a list of everything her dream guy is going to be. He isn't it. End of uhm.... Story?
CHAPTERS: responsibletall, intelligent


Yamada noticed it immediately.

Well, actually saying that he noticed it would be a bit off since the other person wasn’t even trying to hide what he was doing. He’s very obvious about it actually. For one, he didn’t even bother hiding by the door. And two, he knew those kinds of moves, those mannerisms. Those were the very mannerisms they were taught to do all those years ago when he co-starred with the guy, when they were just kids yet they were playing detectives.

“What are you doing?” he asked his almost namesake, Kamiki Ryunosuke.

Kamiki, who had finally stopped craning his neck and peering, looking around the area, trying to assess the situation, grinned as he approached him from where he had sat by the window, originally alone. It was lunch break, after all, at Horikoshi Gakuen.

“I was trying to figure out if this is a drama shoot or something,” Kamiki said.

“Why would I be doing a shoot here?” Yamada asked incredulously, his gaze floating back to the outside where it had originally focused on before Kamiki’s arrival. He wasn’t looking at anything in particular though, just outside. “You know the school’s policy of no drama shooting in the school premises.”

“Yeah!” Kamiki nodded, not even slightly perturbed of how his first statement was immediately debunked. “Which is why I decided that this must be something else, like a prank! Or even better, it’s a set-up!”

“Set-up?” Yamada repeated, tearing his gaze from outside the window to look at Kamiki again. “We have CCTV’s all over the place. Why, and most importantly, who, is being set-up?”

Kamiki simply smiled but something in that smile looked a bit suspicious.

“Where’s Chinen-chan and Nakajima-kun anyway?” Kamiki ended up asking. “The reason I was suspicious seeing you here is because you’re rarely on your own.”

Yamada was just about to open his mouth in reply when someone else suddenly spoke. Someone from behind them, a female someone.

“Well, he’s not alone now, is he?” Mirai grinned.

“Mirai-chan!” Kamiki beamed, seeing the girl. “You were out this morning too?” he asked, noting the bag that was still on Mirai’s hands.

“Yeah,” Mirai nodded as she deposited her bag on her seat. “I needed to attend some promotions so I asked permission for a half day. You?”

“Same thing,” Kamiki smiled. “So for now, it looks like it’s just the three of us huh?” he added as he looked around the room.

“Looks like it,” Mirai shrugged before she beamed. “Hey! It’s like Tantei Gakuen all over again! You, me and Ryuu!” she cheered.

Yamada snorted although there was a smile on his face while Mirai made a face at him, prompting an impromptu make-face battle between the two.

Kamiki allowed his eyes to transfer from Yamada to Mirai and back again before he shook his head and chuckled.

“This would have been a good set-up,” he said in a small voice.

“Huh?” Yamda asked, turning to him distractedly and in confusion.

“Nothing,” Kamiki immediately shook his head just as Mirai cheered “I won!”

“What?” Yamada could only cry before he started arguing with Mirai.

Kamiki, who was about 9-10 days younger than the two, could only watch and grin.

“Are you sure Nakajima-kun should be here?” Umika in a whisper that isn’t much of a whisper since the four people under that tree could clearly hear.

“Eh?! Umika-chan?” Yuto cried, hurt and surprise pretty obvious in his face and eyes.

“Umika-chan,” Suzuka implored almost immediately, “don’t be bad, he’s their friend too, right?”

“I know,” Umika shook her head before she tore her gaze away from Yuto to look at Chinen. “I just have this image that he’s going to blurt out everything we’ll talk about here to Yamada-kun the moment he sees him!”

“I know,” Chinen sighed dramatically, making Yuto transfer his hurt look from Umika to Chinen. “But I had no choice, if we want to make this work, he’s got to be involved. He’s still Yamada’s best friend after all.”

“Oi!” Yuto stood up, finally making the other three acknowledge (or two since Suzuka could not not acknowledge him not when he’s sitting just next to her) him. “Why do you guys make it sound like I shouldn’t be here too? I know things too you know!”

Chinen snorted as Umika wrinkled her nose amusingly at the guy. After all, as smart and useful as it is with having the guy around, there are just some things and topics that he shouldn’t be involved in, especially when it has something to do with Yamada. “Like what?” she challenged him with a grin.

Yuto stopped for a while before he puffed up his chest and proudly declared “this has something to do with Yama-chan and Mirai-kun!”

Chinen and Umika, and even Suzuka for that matter, caught each other’s eyes before they ended up chuckling.

“That’s good enough for now,” Chinen supplied when their laughter died down. “So, let’s make this the first official meeting for the ‘Yama-chan and Mirai-chan: Operation Feelings Have to be Realized’ club!” he cheered.

For a while though, no one but the birds made a sound before Yuto, who looked as surprised as the two girls, coughed out “Ahm, Chii-kun, that’s more Aiba-kun-ish than Ohno-kun-ish you know.”

Chinen appeared to have thought about it for a while before he shrugged and said “He’s still Arashi. Anyway, do you have something we can work on for starters?” he added as he turned to Umika and Suzuka.

The two girls caught each other’s eyes first before they nodded and grinned.

“Focused?!” Yuto exclaimed in confusion as he and Chinen poured over the list Suzuka had handed them the next day right before lunch. “Why the hell is ‘focused’ in Mirai-chan’s list of qualities her dream guy possesses?!”

They’ve already decided that it’ll be easier to make Mirai realize her feelings first than it would be if they work on Yamada. After all, she’s a woman and they’ve already heard something about her having a list of her ideal guy.

“How should I know?!” Chinen cried back, seriously considering if it would have been a better idea to not pull Yuto into the thick of it.

Chinen had always suspected there was something more between Yamada and Mirai than just classmates, colleagues, co-workers, or even as friends. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Yamada almost always acts different around the girl and of course, the fact that while Mirai keeps on berating him, she looks like she can’t keep her distance from the guy. Or maybe even because he still remembers how excited Yamada looked the first time he got to meet the girl on set for their drama ages ago.

Or really, maybe it’s simply just because whenever he looks at Yamada and Mirai, there’s just ‘something’ there! An undeniable chemistry, so to speak, even when the two of them are bickering.

And for quite some time, Chinen simply enjoyed watching them from the sidelines. It’s just like watching a drama unfold actually, it’s exciting and all too amusing. But there comes a time in a drama when the observer feels the urge to take the pen and write the stories himself, especially when the story is going nowhere and the scenes are getting draggy.

As for Yamada and Mirai’s story, Chinen doesn’t think of it as too long, not just yet. But he does think their story could use a bit of a push.

Before their conversation could go any further though, Yamada’s voice floated towards them from the door.

“I’m hungry! Hurry up you two!”

“A group project?!” Mirai cried as Umika providing the details of the assignment their teacher had mentioned before their last class for the morning ended. “Why didn’t I hear about this?”

“Me too,” Kamiki seconded.

“Well, neither of you were here yesterday morning, were you?” Kanata replied.

“Technically speaking, it’s a class competition, but it’s been decided that D class will have two outputs,” Suzuka supplied.

“And all of us here in this table belongs in the other group,” Yuto added. “Everyone else in class belongs to the other.”

“Why?” Kamiki asked in surprise.

“Because we’re almost always not in school anyway,” Kanata suddenly declared. Seeing the surprised reaction that suddenly popped on everyone on their table, he added with a chuckle “Or at least that was what I heard teacher said after he announced the special group.”

“I guess they didn’t want our crazy schedules be a burden to the others so they just put everyone with a crazy schedule together and hope we’d work it out,” Chinen shrugged eventually.

“But it is a bit weird,” Yamada said, speaking for the first time since the topic of the assignment came up. It wasn’t that he was uninterested. He was just too immersed in his food to care about something the others would explain better than him. “Aren’t they worried? Rumors could end up brewing because of this and we know they’re very careful about those kinds of things.”

“Maybe they trust us more,” Suzuka suggested. “Maybe our jimushos have become more lenient.”

One look to the three Johnny members was enough answer to that. After all, they knew, even though they shouldn’t, of the consequence the three’s sempai, Takaki Yuya, had to go through when it was revealed he had a girlfriend.

“I’m thinking that it’s more because there’s too many of us,” Kanata supplied. “I mean, with this many a number, even if someone in this group really end up dating, there’s a lot of us to help cover up. No one on the outside would reach a clear confirmation.”

For a while, everyone fell silent before Kamiki smiled and cried “And that’s the beauty of it!”

Chinen ended up looking curiously at Kamiki because even though the guy is looking at Kanata, he still did not miss that quick glance the prior made towards Mirai’s direction. But when Kamiki turned to him and the guy grinned, he ended up smiling, and all around the table, all but three immediately caught up.

“You’re referring t—” Yuto tried to say as he tried to catch up with the others but he was immediately silenced by a quick kick at the knee by Chinen who was sitting opposite him. it effectively silenced Yuto though and, it seems, it also helped him understand.

“Is there something else going on that we should now about?” Mirai asked suspiciously as she looked around the rest of the group who all refused to look at her.

“Don’t ask me,” Kanata shrugged. “I’ve barely even been here today,” he added although there was a mischievous and knowing smile on his lips as he looked away.

Mirai looked at him in confusion, Yamada frowned.

and also, a drabble...

TITLE: Call My Name
CHARACTERS: Yamada Ryosuke, Shida Mirai, Kamiki Ryunosuke
DISCLAIMER: The only thing i own in this story is the plot...
SUMMARY: he wanted to be called Ryu...

“Ryu?!” Mirai chuckled as she squinted up to look at the sky. “Why of all names do you want to be called Ryu?”

It was one of those odd days actually, when Yamada finds himself in class when Chinen or Yuto is not around. If anything, it usually is the other way around. Not that he can’t stand his class without the two though, he’s friends with some of them at least.

But it is during those odd days that Yamada actually finds himself going up to the rooftop, savoring the feeling of being alone. But being alone doesn’t necessarily mean being on his own though because most of the time Mirai joins him at the rooftop. It’s a good set-up really, neither of them talks much except on occasion.

This is one of those occasions.

“Huh?” he asked in confusion, turning to Mirai. “What are you talking about?” Prior to that, neither of them had spoken a word.

“I saw your magazine interview,” Mirai chuckled, looking at him. When a smirk rose to his lips, she immediately added “Saw, not read! Or actually, it’s more like heard. My stylist thinks that chatting to me about you is super cool.”

“Oh, really,” Yamada said, his smirk considerably less pronounced by is there nonetheless.

“Yeah,” Mirai sighed as if the memory was like a burden. “She goes on and on and on about your group. I think she has more of a crush on Takaki-san than to you though, although she likes mentioning you too. Maybe because she knows we’re on the same school.”

“Huh…” Yamada simply replied, almost uninterestedly, as he resumed the reclining position by the wall he had dropped when Mirai suddenly spoke up. For a few moments, neither of them said a word.

“So, why Ryu?” Mirai asked again after a while. This time, she had changed her position so that she’s facing him and not just sitting next to him. it also meant she’s really curious about it.

“What’s wrong with Ryu?” he chose to shrug. “It’s my name after all.”

“Your name’s Ryosuke,” Mirai corrected. “Ryu was just your name in Tantei Gakuen,” she reminded him.

Yamada simply smiled, he didn’t really need reminding of that.

“Ahhh…” Mirai exclaimed after a while, rearranging her position so that she’s back to sitting next to him. “I guess you just enjoyed the name so much huh?”

“Yeah,” he admitted as he, himself squinted at the sky.

“Ryu…” Mirai repeated, almost in a whisper and Yamada couldn’t help but find himself sigh with contentment.

“Or maybe, I just enjoyed hearing you call my name like that,” he unknowingly said.

After a split-second, and an intake of breath from Mirai, he realized what he might have just said. Or what it might have just sounded like.

Turning around, he saw that Mirai seemed to be fighting off a blush but that she didn’t seem angry or something like that.

“Uhmm… Anoh…” he started incoherently. But before he could even come up with anything coherent to say, the two of them were jerked to sitting positions when the door to the rooftop opened.

“Oi! You two!” Kamiki called when the guy spotted them. “Break time’s almost over. Let’s head to class.”

“Yes,” he and Mirai chorused. Having stood up before her, he offered his hand to help Mirai up. And for some reason, he was almost afraid she’d reject it.

But then Mirai took his hand and he pulled her up. He smiled and so did she.

And as he stepped back for her to step behind Kamiki, he couldn’t help but think.

He doesn’t really know why he said what he said. But in a way, it is the truth. Or something more than that.
-----THE END-----

first off, on the drabble, it was just something really random i came up with when i realized that i think i've read a magazine interview of Yamada before when he said he wanted to be called Ryu/Ryo...

second: on the series, i want to apologize... i started the story focusing mostly on Mirai's POV but somehow, as the story progressed, it became from a third person's POV. i guess i'm blaming it to the very long distance of update between the chapters that although i knew what i wanted to happen, somehow, things had still changed. also, i was thinking of re-writing the first three chapters of the story but i realized that if i do, there's a huge possibility that i will never finish the story... so, for the moment, i'm sticking with this...

what do you think?
comments/reactions are welcome... :)

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Date: 2012-04-17 04:02 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Love it the squirrel took the matter in his own hands and a group of Mirai's friends, I'm excited to know what will happen next.And for the drabble I like it too, YamaShi FTW! Arigatou angelshill!

(no subject)

Date: 2012-04-17 05:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
glad you enjoyed it... :)
ahmmmm... just out of curiosity, who is the 'squirrel'?
i'm not as immersed or as well-informed with these (now former) members of Horikoshi Gakuen (or even HSJ) as i am with Arashi for example (or Maotsujun since i think i'm more known as a Maotsujun writer)
thanks... :)

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Date: 2012-04-17 10:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Chinen is the squirrel.An HSJ member call him that and that became his icon the fandom,lol.


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