Apr. 17th, 2012

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well, sort of at least... :)
i'm back because i just found myself updating a series i still haven't completed (thus the reason for this entry), sort of because i'm not sure if i can start working on the other stories just yet...
you see, this sudden arrival of  inspiration may actually be credited to Tantei Gakuen Q. i just started watching the live-action series last Sunday afternoon and i find myself actually enjoying it... thus the update for the below story and a new drabble for the TGQ pair...
(also, i think i may have found a possible reason why i always lose inspiration in writing these days. because i keep on seeing/reading Akanishi Jin related articles wherein i either want to scream at the writer, the commentor, and even, if possible Jin himself. Really, i may not even be a fan of the guy but i hate him for his actions after finding out about Meisa's pregnancy... you might probably think it's weird but it has something to do with my Baby Steps... really, why like that Jin?! -- so i've come to the decision to ignore any Jin-related news from now on, even though i actually liked Meisa)

anyway, proceeding to the reason of this post...


TITLE: The List

CHARACTERS: Yamada Ryosuke, Shida Mirai, Chinen Yuri, Nakajima Yuto, Kawashima Umika, Ohgo Suzuka, Kamiki Ryunosuke, Hey!Say!JUMP, Horikoshi Gakuen
PAIRING: YamadaxShida + others (i suppose)
DISCLAIMER: The only thing i own in this story is the plot...
She had a list of everything her dream guy is going to be. He isn't it. End of uhm.... Story?
CHAPTERS: responsibletall, intelligent


“Why the hell is ‘focused’ in Mirai-chan’s list of qualities her dream guy possesses?!” )

and also, a drabble...

TITLE: Call My Name
CHARACTERS: Yamada Ryosuke, Shida Mirai, Kamiki Ryunosuke
DISCLAIMER: The only thing i own in this story is the plot...
SUMMARY: he wanted to be called Ryu...

“Why of all names do you want to be called Ryu?” )

first off, on the drabble, it was just something really random i came up with when i realized that i think i've read a magazine interview of Yamada before when he said he wanted to be called Ryu/Ryo...

second: on the series, i want to apologize... i started the story focusing mostly on Mirai's POV but somehow, as the story progressed, it became from a third person's POV. i guess i'm blaming it to the very long distance of update between the chapters that although i knew what i wanted to happen, somehow, things had still changed. also, i was thinking of re-writing the first three chapters of the story but i realized that if i do, there's a huge possibility that i will never finish the story... so, for the moment, i'm sticking with this...

what do you think?
comments/reactions are welcome... :)


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